Salento Ada's House | Grotta degli Amanti
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Grotta degli Amanti

Grotta degli Amanti

Room for a maximum 2 people
Beds: one double
Size sqm. 17
Air Conditioning
32 inch lcd TV
Hairdryer with diffuser
Courtesy set
Free WI-FI connection
Free on site parking

The story

San Foca, an ancient fishing village, dominated by the imposing watchtower, is the place where the cave called “Grotta degli Amanti” (The Cave of Lovers) rises up.

In the cave, made up of two locations connected by a narrow tunnel, story goes that the two lovers were entrapped, and the tunnel that connects the two cavities would have been dug, according to popular tradition, by their uninterrupted and desperate tears. It is said that the two lovers, who sought refuge in this cave to find shelter from the cold wind of Tramontana, did not realize that the tide was rising, and died tenderly embraced.

Nowadays San Foca is also holding one of the most important marinas for those who are sailing from Salento to Greece.