Salento Ada's House | Roca vecchia
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Roca vecchia

Roca Vecchia

Mappa Roca Vecchia
Room for a maximum 2 people
Beds: one double
Size sqm. 17
Air Conditioning
32 inch lcd TV
Hairdryer with diffuser
Courtesy set
Free WI-FI connection
Free on site parking

The story

Roca Vecchia is one of the seashore villages of Melendugno located between San Foca and Torre Dell’Orso. Site of important archaeological excavations, it’s an important touristic center during summer period. Its remarkable relevance in the archeological field is due to the discovery in 1983, of Messapic inscriptions (but also Latin and Greek ones) on its walls, whereby it was possible to establish that the cave was anciently place of worship of the god Taotor. Beyond the archaeological site, Roca is Known for its natural beauties, the clear sea and its rocky coast which is suitable for tourists that like rocks.