Salento Ada's House | Where we are
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Where we are

The Charm of Salento

ADA&’S HOUSE in Melendugno is located in an enviable position, in fact in only 5 min. you can reach on foot Pertini Square, church M. SS. Assunta, the D’Amely Castle and the shopping center. It boasts a strategic position in relation to the main tourist attractions of Salento:

  • 9 min. from San Foca, Torre dell'Orso and Sant’Andrea;
  • less than 30 min. from Lecce and Otranto;
  • 45 min. from Gallipoli;

Salento at hand

  • Otranto, its history mixed with legend, the Castle, the moat, the port and the quaint old town, plenty of shops and restaurants.
  • Lecce, the Baroque and culture, lights and colors to admire from morning till night.
  • Gallipoli, the seafaring culture and the charm of a sea where by any wind you can always find shelter.